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How to Change the Camera Settings (Sample image)

When the drone gets above the first point of the mission it will descend to the desired height (default is 2m = 6.5ft).

Then, a sample image from the drone will be shown on the screen.

If the photo is bright and clear, just hit the Play button and the drone will start flying and taking images.

If the sample image is too dark or too bright, you will need to change the camera settings:

You can open the camera settings menu by pressing the 3 sliders icon on the left side of the screen.

The 3 main settings are ISO, Aperture and Shutter speed:
ISO: Higher value increases the sensor's sensitivity to light but can also make the image grainier.
This value shouldn't be more than 200.

Aperture: Lower value means more light coming through the lens. Usually, 2.8 works well.

Shutter speed: This is the setting that usually needs to be changed. Low shutter speed will increase the exposure but when it's too low images can get blurry. For that reason, it shouldn't be less than 2000.

Most of the times, changing just the shutter speed up / down can fix an over / underexposed image. Changing the Aperture is needed only if the shutter speed has already been set to maximum and the image is still overexposed.

After you've made a change, you can take a new sample image by pressing the camera icon.
If it all looks good, press the play button and the mission will start with your new camera settings.
If it doesn't, you can keep changing the settings and take more sample images till you're satisfied.

If you changed the shutter speed to 2000 and the image is still too dark, it's best to come back to the field at a different time when it's sunnier outside. 

If you have to fly when it's very cloudy, you can lower the shutter speed to under 1/2000 but you have to lower the drone speed as well.
The minimum shutter speed values depending on drone speed:
10 kmh - 1/2000
8 kmh - 1/1600
6 kmh - 1/1250
5 kmh - 1/1000

We recommend checking the right shutter speed in the sample image stage. Then, if you need a lower shutter speed you can set a new mission with the right flying speed. Note that flying slower means less area covered.

At any time during the mission, you can hit the Pause button on the app and change the settings again. • You can't change the exposure for an existing image, so make sure the sample image looks right before continuing with the mission.