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Mobile App Tutorial

Use the the AgroScout Mobile App for viewing the findings from your fields anytime & anywhere

Download the AgroScout mobile app for iOS on the App Store

Download the AgroScout mobile app for Android on the Google Play

Reminder: our mobile app required internet connectivity to run properly.



Login and app overview

Login to AgroScout Mobile App using the same username and password as for the Web Platform.

Once you logged in to the app, you will see the latest findings from your fields (1 week ago).

The number inside the circle is the number of images in the field.
At the bottom part of the screen, you can see the total of recent findings in all of your fields.

Viewing images

Same as in the web platform, zoom in the map to view the individual images.

You can double-tap the screen or pinch zoom with two fingers.

Each small circle is an image - tap it once to open it.

At the top left side of the image, you can see the number of findings in the image.

You can also use the Filter option in the mobile app.
Tap the filter icon once to go into the filter settings.

You can search for a specific finding type and set a field, crop and time for your search.

Tap the View Results button when you're done and the map will update itself.

Navigate to a finding

When you're in the field and see a finding on the mobile app that you would like to inspect, you can use the app to help you navigate to the specific finding.

Click once on an image you would like to navigate to. 
A preview of the selected image will be opened.
Click Start Navigation.

Your location will be shown as a blue dot on the map and will change accordingly while you're moving.

You can zoom in and out and set the map so you can see both your location and the image location and start moving towards the location of the finding.

Depending on your device and the GPS signal, it might take a few seconds till your current location is updated on the map. If the blue dot doesn't show up on the map, try to toggle off and on the GPS of your mobile device or try to restart the device.

Upload an image from your mobile device

You can capture an image of a finding at your field and send it to AgroScout easily and quickly using your mobile device.

Press the yellow plus "+" button at the bottom of the screen.

The camera view will be opened.

You can capture a new image or select one from the gallery.

Tap "Choose type" to open the drop-down menu and select the relevant option from the list.

If you're not sure about the finding type, select "other" under the right crop.

Scroll down and add certainty and comments if you would like.

When done, tap the Save button.

The uploading process will begin immediately.

You can see the status of the uploads by tapping the Uploading Status button

It can take a few minutes till the new image will be updated on the map.