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Sky App Tutorial

Scouting your field with AgroScout Sky App is super easy! Download the app and let's get started!

Before you fly:
Make sure to read our Flight checklist
• It's highly recommended to download offline maps in advanced for the area you're planning to fly at, in case internet connectivity might not be available when you're at the field or if you're using a device without mobile data (i.e tablet without a SIM card).
When opening the app for the first time, connect the device to WIFI and log in using you're username and password.
After doing so, the internet is not required.


  1. Power on and connect 
  2. Create a new mission or open an existing one
  3. Start the mission
  4. Confirm the sample image
  5. During the mission
  6. Mission summary
  7. Continue an uncompleted mission

1. Power on and connect

Power on the drone, the remote controller and the tablet / mobile device.
Connect the cable between the remote controller and the tablet.
Open the Sky app and confirm the app is connected to your drone.
Message on the remote controller display should be: "READY TO GO - GPS MODE".

Having trouble connecting the drone to the app?
See our Sky App Troubleshooting Guide

2. Create a new mission or open an existing one

Tap the "Create New Mission Plan" button to create a new mission or open an existing one by tapping the "Open Existing Mission Plan" button.

See our tutorial on creating a mission in advance

Next, you will see the mission's settings window.
Give you're mission a name and set the mission time.

Remember: 1 battery is good for a 20 minutes mission and a maximum area of 50 acres

The default values of Drone speed, Drone height and Shoot interval are already set for best results and no need to change them.

Tap the Next button when you're done.

In the next stage, you will see a satellite map of your area.
On the map, you can see your location (blue dot), alongside the drone's location (drone icon).

Press the polygon button to set a polygon for the area you would like to scout.

A polygon shape will pop up on the map.
Hold and drag each one of the 4 corners of the polygon to create a shape that covers you're scouting field area.

Please pay attention to the polygon area in acres that showed at the top of the screen. That will change accordingly to the size of the polygon. Make sure to keep the maximum ratio of 50 acres for every 20 minutes flight.
You can zoom in and out using 2 fingers (pinch-zoom).

When you're done, press the Next button.

The planned flying path for the drone's mission is calculated and will be shown inside the polygon area.

You can also view the distance between the drone's current location and the first point of the mission.

If you're satisfied, you can save the mission by pressing the Save button. Otherwise, you can press the Edit button to change the mission's settings and the polygon area. 

After clicking the Save button, the mission will be saved in the missions list and you'll be able to open it again next time you're flying at this field without the need to plan it all over again. 

3. Start the mission

After the mission was saved, you can execute it by pressing the Play button:

Then, a warning message will pop up noticing the drone is about to take off.

After you made sure the area is clear and you're ready to go - tap the OK button.
The drone will take off automatically and fly to the first point of the flying path.

4. Confirm the sample image

When the drone gets above the first point it will descend to the desired height (default is 2m = 6.5ft).

Then, a sample image from the drone will be shown on the screen.

If the photo is bright and clear, just hit the Play button and the drone will start flying and taking images.

If the sample image is too dark or too bright, you will need to change the camera settings:

For more detailed instructions please see Change Camera Settings

5. During the mission

During the flight, the drone will keep 2 meters / 6.5ft above the crop and will take an image every 2 seconds.

You can hear and see when the drone takes an image.

Remember: at any time during the mission you can take manual control over the drone:
Press the PAUSE button on-screen or press the Return-to-home button to get the drone back to the takeoff point.
For more information please see: Flight Checklist (during flight)

6. Mission summary

When finished, the drone will return back to the takeoff point and will land automatically.

After landing, a summary of the mission will be shown.

7. Continue an uncompleted mission

If the mission wasn't complete, a message asking for continuing the mission will pop up.

If you would like to continue the mission, make sure the drone's battery is enough and replace it if needed before continuing the mission.

If the mission has been finished, you can exit the app and power of the equipment.

Next, upload the images from the drone's SD card to the web platform: Upload images from the drone

Check our Video Tutorials as well!