Agroscout LITE

Our platform seamlessly integrates with DJI drones, offering a range of features, including autonomous scouting with SKY+ and comprehensive analysis capabilities through Agroscout's Orthophoto, Full Canopy, and other advanced tools.

  1. Introduction to Agroscout LITE: Learn about the key features and functionalities of Agroscout LITE in this introductory video.
  2. DJI Integration: Discover how to connect your DJI drone seamlessly with Agroscout LITE for a streamlined scouting experience.
  3. SKY+ Autonomous Scouting: This video provides a step-by-step guide on using SKY+ for autonomous scouting, allowing you to survey your agricultural fields efficiently.
  4. Orthophoto Analysis: Explore the capabilities of Agroscout's Orthophoto analysis feature, which provides detailed visual representations of your fields for precise analysis.
  5. Full Canopy Analysis: Dive into the Full Canopy analysis tool, which enables you to assess crop health, identify stress areas, and optimize farming practices.
  6. Advanced Tools and Features: Discover additional advanced tools and features offered by Agroscout LITE, such as crop mapping, disease detection, and yield prediction.

These videos will serve as a comprehensive resource to help you quickly self-onboard and start utilizing the capabilities of Agroscout LITE.


Web platform tutorial : 


SKY+ (drone operating) tutorial : 


Mobile app tutorial :