What is NDVI?

NDVI measures the state and health of open field crops or crop vigor.


When Should I use NDVI?

NDVI values obtained with satellite data with high resolution strongly correlate with crop phenological stages (emerged, maturity, harvest).

Frequent NDVI reports and images are a powerful tool for measuring crop productivity and predicting future yield, as well as checking the field status. AgroScout provides from 1-2 satellite images monthly.


How does it look on my farm the crop without NDVI?

AgroScout software allows you to visualize as a normal map your farm and its surrounding as the image below.



With NDVI, you can see your farm throughout the year, as in the image below.



How do you read NDVI imagery?

Traditionally, NDVI results are presented as a color map, where each color corresponds to a specific range of values. There's no standard color palette, but most software uses the "red-green" one, meaning that red-orange-yellow tints indicate bare soil or dead/sparse vegetation, and all shades of green are a sign of ordinary to dense vegetation cover.

NDVI is calculated with the following expression: NDVI = (NIR-Red) / (NIR+Red), where NIR is near-infrared light and Red is visible red light.

What does red mean in NDVI?

When applying the formula, bright green indicates high NDVI, whereas Red has low NDVI. So it's quantifying vegetation by measuring the difference between near-infrared (which vegetation strongly reflects) and red light (which vegetation absorbs).


What is green in the NDVI images?

The green spectrum in the range on all shades of green is a sign of ordinary to dense vegetation cover.


Is NDVI Value Different For Different Crops?

It certainly is. Every crop type has a different canopy structure and growth stages and requires specific climatic conditions to grow correctly. All these factors influence crop reflectance properties and, as a result, produce different NDVI values across various crop types.


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