What do I need to start Scouting?

Get a drone, download our app, and you're ready to fly!

1. Contact Sales for the most suitable offer for your needs (sales@agro-scout.com).

2. Get one of our supported drones.

3.  Sign-up -It's an easy, one-time process - use the same username and password for all the platforms: Web platform, EasyScout Mobile App, and Sky App.

4.  Onboarding A-Z - our customer success team will teach you everything you need to know about operating the technology and getting the best value. 

5. Create your fields on the web platform. Set a polygon, name, and crop details for each field.

6. Collect data - with the drone, satellite, or mobile.

7. Upload drone images to the Web Platform.

8. Analyze data based on technology insights.


Download the AgroScout mobile app for iOS on the App Store
Download the AgroScout mobile app for Android on the Google Play

Check our Video Tutorials as well!