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Sky App FAQ

What drones and mobile devices you recommend using?

We highly recommend using our Sky App with the DJI Mavic 2 Pro. 

For more information, please visit: Supported Drones - Sky App.

For mobile and tablet devices please visit: Supported Mobile and Tablet Devices.

Can I fly using the Sky app in remote areas without cellular coverage or WIFI signal?

Yes! You can download offline maps for the area you're planning to fly at and even pre-plan your flight.

Can I fly a mission longer than 20 minutes?

We recommend doing one mission of a maximum of 20 minutes for each flight (1 battery).
If you would like, you can plan a longer mission - when the drone's battery gets low, the drone will automatically go back home and land. After battery replacement, you will be able to continue the mission from the last point.

How often I should scout my fields?

We recommend scouting your fields once or twice a week.

Should I change the mission settings?

The default values at the mission settings stage are already optimized for best results so you don't need to change anything.
If you would like to get different results, or you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us at support@agro-scout.com

What happens if during an autonomous flight I lose connection with the drone?

By default, DJI drones are set to automatically return to home if there's no connection at all between the remote controller and the drone for more than a few seconds during a flight.

If you notice you start to lose connection during a flight, press and hold the RTH (return-to-home) button on the remote controller or press the button on the Sky app.
Once the drone landed, you can restart the mission.

For detailed instructions and tips for a successful flight, please read our
Flight Checklist

Can I take manual control during an autonomous flight?

Yes. At any time during the flight, you take manual control by pressing the PAUSE button on the app. You can also press the RTH button to get the drone back to the take-off point automatically.

For detailed instructions and tips for a successful flight, please read our
Flight Checklist

Do I need to change the camera settings? What are the settings you recommend?

When the drone gets to the first point of the mission, a preview image will be shown on the device's screen. If the image is too dark or too bright, you should change the camera settings accordingly and take a new preview image until the image looks good.

Please refer to Change the camera settings tutorial.

What type of SD memory card is recommended?

We recommend a UHS-I Speed Grade 3 rating MicroSD card of at least 32GB (128GB maximum).

For example:

32GB: Sandisk Extreme V30, Sandisk Extreme Pro V30
64GB: Sandisk Extreme Pro V30
128GB: Sandisk Extreme V30, Sandisk Extreme Pro V30, Kingston Canvas Go!, Kingston Canvas React.